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Auditory/Vestibular Training

A typical Auditory/ Vestibular core program consists of two intensive listening sessions of  1.5 hours/day for 15 days, with a month break in between. KSVM Consultants provide close monitoring and guidance throughout the program.  As a follow-up to the core program, we monitor progress for at least one year. Home exercises and short listening training "boosts" may also be recommended.

King Sound Voice and Movement Services
We offer a wide range of services that have been specifically designed to help individuals  identify and treat the various challenges that may be limiting their full potential.  Our programs address specific needs of each person. During the Initial Assessment we determine the person's suitability for training and discuss goals and expectations. We then recommend the length of the program required to reach these goals.
An intensive clinic based auditory re-education program designed to improve a person’s ability to listen and understand spoken language by improving auditory processing skills. This 30 minute session helps with chronic joint pain, muscle aches and spasms, pain from surgery or injury and addictions such as cigarette smoking.
Other KSVM Services
Neuro-developmental Movement is excellent for sensory integration because it calms the nervous system while developnig vision, hearing, balance, touch and proprioception. The motor systems also develop for proper head control, muscle tone, stamina, strength and posture. These basic sensory-motor skills have been called the "foundations for all future learning and relieves stress and tension aches for pure relaxation. This program is administered individually and paired with our other programs to enhance overall neurodevelopment.

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