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"In a world of endless therapies and a spectrum of variables, there are no absolutes. Except Geni King's listening program. When my now fifteen year old autistic son Noel first did listening therapy with Geni at five years old, it unlocked his language barrier. Insert: me doing a little dance. Every time we have done listening therapy, Noel's language has become more nuanced. Geni truly and authentically treats each and every client like they are a kindred spirit. Through intuition, passion, endless experience, and dedication, Geni King is slowly but surely improving the world, one exquisite ear at a time."  

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"If you have a child with autism, you need to visit King Sound Voice and Movement! I first met, Geni King when my now 14 year old son,was 6. A doctor recommended the auditory therapy, Tomatis. I was told Geni was the best, and only person I should consider. She was so impressive that we have not stopped seeking her therapies and expert advice, since. Aside from facilitating Tomatis, Geni has trained and is certified in a multitude of therapies and approaches for working with individuals. Her vast experience and knowledge, has enabled her to develop a style and insight into autism, like no other professional. She has helped my son, and helped me, improve my understanding of autism, and how to be the best parent, I can. We have been to a multitude of doctors and therapists over the years and I can honestly say that I really learn about autism, and what to do about it, from the crew at King Sound Voice and movement!"

- Kim~
Our girl, Gracie Claire, is now six years old & she's been receiving Tomatis from Geni King since she was two. We live in NV and travel to CA for Therapy Intensives for Gracie regularly which is both costly & labor intensive but the results are tangible. I believe the Tomatis therapy to be an integral part of the process because she's more receptive to her OT & PT when she has it. It makes her mind & body on a vestibular/auditory level more accepting and allows her some downtime to rest & rejuvenate between her other therapies. We know she enjoys her sessions because she asks us regularly with her talker when she can see Geni again!  

~Gracie's Grandma~

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